Fact or fiction: How much do you know about the coronavirus disease (COVID-19)?

Knowing the facts is key to being properly prepared and protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Knowing the facts about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is key to protecting yourself and your loved ones. Sadly, there’s a lot of incorrect information out there. Misinformation during a health crisis leaves people unprotected and vulnerable to the disease, and spreads fear and stigmatization.

Be sure to get your information from trustworthy sources that rely on scientific evidence, like UNICEF and the World Health Organization. UNICEF will continue to provide the latest updatestips for parents and teachers, stories from children and youth around the world, as well as resources for media and information on how UNICEF is helping. Please check back regularly to stay informed.

Please also help us fight misinformation about COVID-19 by sharing this with your family, friends and colleagues to help ensure people have the facts about COVID-19.

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